Wellness Medical Supply was founded and operates under the guidance of a Family Nurse Practitioner. We understand illness, injury and the road to recovery, in our organization the patient comes first .

We hold national accreditation as Durable Medical Provider by the American Board of Certification. Our clinical staff encompasses RN’s, LPN’s, an MLD, a RT, and certified compression fitters, and a certified mastectomy fitter as well as an IBCLC for lactation support. We hold continuing education in high regard and ensure our staff is accountable and up to date on patient care and equipment use. All patients are offered hands on instruction in a private setting. We also offer a formal prenatal breastfeeding class by our IBCLC.

We guarantee your patients will have their item in a time sensitive manner. Many items are given upon entering our facility, others that are measurement specific or need a home visit are usually facilitated within 2–5 days. We communicate appropriate, useful clinical information or concerns to our referring providers.

We know your busy, and we make it easy for the patient and the provider by the managing the paperwork and insurance reimbursement for medically necessary items. We can also assist your patient without insurance or for those that need an item that is not covered.
A referral is as easy as faxing a script, and a face sheet, we will do the rest.

If you would like to more information, or an in-service for your organization feel free to call or contact us.

We are your clinician based medical supplier